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Aligning your wheels is not the only repair that has to do with your vehicle’s suspension. The suspension is pivotal for absorbing the shock of the terrain you drive on. While there are multiple kinds of suspension systems, they all have the same focus on making your vehicle drive smoothly, safely, and more comfortably.

There are a few signs that you can watch out for regarding your vehicle’s suspension.

The first and most recognizable that you may feel is that your car will bounce excessively after hitting a bump. Bouncing is a clear sign that the vehicle should have its suspension checked promptly.

The other signs that you should watch for are less clear that they have to do with the suspension system. If you hit some rough terrain and feel like you’re on a pogo stick, that is a pretty clear sign that the suspension is out of wack. However, a damaged suspension can make your brakes less effective as well. But, it takes an expert to tell whether it is the brakes or the suspension. Damaged suspensions also can make loud noises or squeaks. Again, a professional must diagnose this because many parts of the car can make strange noises when damaged.

suspension shop

Suspension Repair

Overall, there are two major types of suspension on most motorized vehicles. Your vehicle will have either a dependent suspension or an independent one. Dependent suspensions connect on either side of the axle. So, what happens to one tire on that side of the car often affects the opposite tire’s suspension. You can imagine that independent suspensions are the opposite. Each tire is connected to the vehicle independently; therefore, each suspension reacts and does not affect the other.

Regardless of whether you have a dependent or independent suspension system, technicians are well versed in all the varieties of suspension components and will be able to repair whatever part is failing or broken.


If you happen to want to lift your truck, SUV, or even car to accommodate some larger tires on your vehicle, we are happy to adapt with the tires and lift. Whether you just want to make your truck look tougher, or would like some more room for off-roading, or maybe you just like the look, let Dan’s Tire Service help you give your vehicle that suspension lift. Check our suspension services to find your options for adding a lift to your car or truck.

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